Networking for Busy People



You need more sales.  You want to grow  your company.

You network.  You "sell". You try to connect.'s hard.  And It takes a LOT of time.

Turn your network into your greatest business asset!

Networking for Busy People is a mindset, a methodology, and a robust curriculum that can shift your business networking into one of the most strategic, highly productive items on your agenda. Calendar Coffee

In a nutshell you will gain...

  • focused strategy to activate your strategic relationships
  • increase your networking ROI (return on investment)
  • calendar practices to recapture lost time and leverage the time you invest
  • a framework and action plan for your personal marketing strategy

Whether you are the rainmaking CEO or the responsible party for everyday sales and business development, we guarantee you will leave with actionable strategy to increase your bottom line, strengthen your relationships, and save you time.

I'm Kathie Nelson. A certified management consultant, founder of Networking for Busy People,  a speaker, author and Executive Coach.  After launching two companies (and losing the first) I went on to double sales (six years after starting my second company) in one year using my network in the late 90s. But guess what!  I didn't follow the rules to do so.  I'd been networking for years to build my list, generate leads, and gain strategic alliances using the same old, same old networking recipes.  Yes, I gained sales but it was only slightly easier than cold calling and it took a LOT of time and energy.  The year I decided to double my sales I realized I could not do so using the models I'd been taught.

In 1998, I was motivated, focused, and filled with burning desire to achieve this goal. So, I  decided to test all premises the networking "guru's" prescribed.  Less than a year later I'd hit the mark and what I learned changed the way I view business forever. I found the nuggets I could repeat and tossed the busy-work that doesn't produce results.  I quit working so hard and applied smart stratetgy to every goal I set.

networking wordsYou can too!  

I've been teaching others this powerful model as a business strategy since 2002 in the Pacific Northwest.  I've worked with 1,000's of solopreneurs, professional service providers, and sales representatives all over North America.  Are you ready to shortcut your own business development process saving you time, money, and energy?

Networking for Busy People™ complete series includespblogoblk

  • Follow up for Busy People - on time, in time, and all the time.
  • Smart Talk for Busy People - create conversations that produce.
  • Calendar Control for Busy People - tools & practices to multiply and leverage time to live a fully engaged life.

If you mean business, we can help!
Sound business is about creating a sustainable value exchange. 

Learning Library [Profit by Design Series]

  • Sell Your Sweet Spot – Package, price, & position when the product is YOU
    (Pricing Model/Positioning)
  • Profile Perfect Prospects –  Discover prospects who love what you do & are happy to pay
    (Target Marketing)
  • Networking for Busy People – Connect to the right people and places on purpose to profit big
    (Personal Marketing Plan)
  • Magnetic Messaging – Turn up your attraction factor  (Sticky Sales Conversations)
  • Instant Credibility - Query based marketing (Authentic Marketing Conversations)
  • Secret Sauce Science – Differentiate & develop your edge (Personal Branding)
  • Templates –
    • Reality Check Assessment
    • Business Dashboard
    • Ideal Calendar Creator
    • Outrageous Life Design Tool