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Who we serve...

This site and services are for entrepreneurially minded leaders who are in pursuit of ...

  • a sustainable business
    • that builds people,
    • serves their customers, and
    • leaves the world a better place.  

They are passionate people compelled...

  • by their vision and impact
  • to scale an economic engine that produces profit.  
What We Do
  • Strategic Planning
    • "Working" Business Plans
    • Business modeling
  • Leadership & Executive Coaching
    • Productivity
  • Sales & Marketing
    • The "You" Factor - Defining Your Secret Sauce
    • Perfect Profiling
    • Pricing, Packaging, Positioning
    • Magnetic Messaging & Instant Credibility
    • Networking for Busy Peopleā„¢  

Who is Kathie Nelson?

Published Author

Move beyond the competition zone.

No matter what your journey, you add a flavor, a view point, and way of doing things for your customers that distinguishes you in the market.  People buy from people even when they are investing in a product. Discover and own the secret sauce produced by who you are and your ability to influence the corporate culture.

Download Kathie Nelson's most recent book  "What's Your Secret Sauce? A Quick Discovery Guide to Find the YOU Factor."


Widely regarded as an expert both in business growth and entrepreneurial ventures, Kathie Nelson has helped numerous companies and individuals with vision casting, strategic planning, business models, and personalized marketing plans that produced testimonials like these...


A sought after speaker, Kathie is well known for her engaging topics and making a crowded room feel intimate, as though she is speaking into the life of each person individually. With an uncanny ability to tap right into the pulse of the room her speeches leave people walking away with new perspective and renewed vigor.

Kathie has the ability to draw in the audience. I would highly recommend Kathie as a speaker, coach, and industry expert. She truly lives what she teaches!   Vicki Norris, Restoring Order

Founder and Co-Founder

In addition to consulting and growing other businesses, Kathie has a number of successful ventures. Others affectionately refer to her as a "Serial Entrepreneur" to which Kathie cannot deny. To learn more about her current ventures - click here.

Latest Interview

Mary Pitman - The Missing Money Lady

April 16th, the day after tax day,  is National Missing Money Day.  Join me as I interview "The Missing Money Lady" Mary Pitman.  

There are $41.7 billion dollars nationwide on the state unclaimed property sites just waiting for the rightful owner or heir to claim it. Forty million savings bonds have stopped earning interest. That value is estimated to be $16.5 billion dollars.And there is more. 

Mary is the author of The Little Book of Missing Money, A Quick & Easy Guide to Finding Money that is Rightfully Yours.  The "little book" is now in its 3rd revision and available in print or digital versions today.  

Mary and I are going to chat about the significance of National Missing Money Day and Holocaust Remembrance Day in addition to tips for the everyday person who may have funds waiting for their rightful owner.   Imagine what you could do with "found" money!  Invest it. Pay off debt. Give it away.