Exit Strategies – Gets Connected and Follows Up

Case Study - Exit Strategies - Gets Connected and Follows Up

Without a specific goal, networking will never become a measurable sales activity. Networking goals are not always revenue related but they are always "relationship" oriented. Networking is people connecting with people for mutual benefit!

Exit Strategies One of our class attendees from Spring 2005, a local business broker, put the Busy People Principles into practice to get better results from all his marketing efforts.

Let me tell you a little about Jeff Kraai. Besides being absolutely committed to delivering exceptional service to his clients and referral sources,

  • he facilitates successful exit strategies and offers peace of mind to business owners during succession transitions.
  • his target audience are owners of successful, privately held companies who realize the value of professionals when it comes to confidentially selling their company and preserving their wealth for a successful retirement.
  • his best referral sources are attorneys, bankers, CPA's, management consultants, and existing clients.
  • he connects with both his target audience and referral sources through events at professional development organizations, business and professional groups, workshops of interest to both targets.

Applying Busy People Principle #4: Know where to show up to connect. Be visible, be credible and follow up. Jeff created a matrix for tracking his activities to measure his return on energy and time investment by evaluating where he gets the best results. After all, what gets measured can be evaluated for best practices and use of time.

He tracks these activities

  1. Contacts made at events
  2. Follow up cards sent
  3. Phone calls out
  4. Incoming calls received
  5. Direct Mail
  6. Advertising response
  7. Client referrals
  8. Existing client follow up
  9. Referral source contacts
He tracks these results

  1. Appointments made
  2. Clients converted
  3. Packages selected
  4. Networking referrals
  5. Development opportunities

This data is used then to measure statistics. i.e.

How many calls to make an appointment?
How many appointments to gain a sale?
How many prospects generated due to direct mail and advertising? etc.

What Jeff discovered: After tracking my daily activity, it altered how and where I spend my daily energy. In addition, it clearly shows the best clients typically come as referrals. Armed with this knowledge, the Networking for Busy People principles and tools became essential for me to recruit my 'best' clients."

Let me ask, what do you measure? Take some time at your next planning session (you do have one scheduled, don't you?) and make a laundry list of any items you feel would be relevant specific to your application. Jeff made it easy on himself, as a busy person he didn't want to add unnecessary work so he created a single sheet and tallies each item.

If you were taking a road trip you would start with a map. The longer the distance, the more routes you would evaluate and measure for best use of time and trip objective. You probably have some BIG goals for next year. The most important item of all is knowing your starting point. Where are you today? Where do you want to go? Why not start in January and begin tracking activities that will lead to successfully reaching your destination? Work smarter and make best use of your time.

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