Case Study – European Discovery

Case Study - European Discovery

European Discovery Gets Focused & Gets Results.

Ellie launched her tour guide business in 2005. Her enthusiasm and experience traveling to England, France, and Italy both inspired and compelled her to package her talent and define her niche.

Wanting to start right, she developed her website and offered programs through the local community college and senior centers trying to reach her target market. She networked locally in one of the Chambers of Commerce serving one of the most affluent communities in the Portland Metropolitan area, yet after one year, still was not getting the traction she needed in the market.

After the first few tours, hearing her clients rave about the personal service and tour extras, Ellie was even more committed to reaching a consistent level of tour participants to meet her goals. A proactive person, Ellie signed up for the Networking for Busy People program offered by Connectworks in January 2006 to tune up her fledgling marketing plan.

Originally she targeted the Boomer market ages 55-75 who were retiring and looking for unique travel and more intimate tours, but found she was not getting as many responses as she anticipated.

Sharpening her niche was simply a matter of reviewing what her past clients raved about, evaluating those things she did not want to repeat, learning more about how they made their buying decisions, and adding a couple of her "favorite" things to the mix.

Ellie reported in August 2006 her tour attendance was up. When I checked in with her in November she had several tours full for 2007 and is confident in her plan. She attributes her growth to clearly defining her market and getting more specific about her niche. These two areas led her to network differently, advertise differently and even change some of the language on her website. She admits it is a continuous process of testing, delivering and fine-tuning. Her desire to deliver an exceptional experience compels her to tweak (is that a marketing word?) her deliverables and messaging.

Ellie guides tours in Europe of up to 14 people. Due to the group size she is able to offer a very unique experience. They stay in quaint, off-the-beaten path, accommodations which allow tour participants to experience more of the local culture and cuisine.

She finds her "sweet spot" target market is 45-60 in age (or young at heart), are active, adventurous and somewhat impulsive. They want to experience their travel, not just observe. Ellie loves sharing the European experience with others. Can you imagine how fun this must be when she has a tour full of those in her sweet spot?! The energy is contagious, making the trip more valuable for all.

By applying the Power Principles for Busy People, Ellie was able to focus and attract better clients, fill tours, and make better use of her time and marketing dollars. What are the Power Principles Busy People? Here is a quick review.

Principle 1: Get Clear

Know your business: Get clear what you really offer and translate it into the language of your target audience, your "sweet spot". People don't care how much you know until they know what is in it for them!

Principle 2: Get Focused

Know your target market. Get focused on your sweet spot. Who do you want to do business with most of the time? Define them geographically, demographically, and psychographically. Go for the bull's eye. (Self check: Review Principle 1 and see if what you offer is what your sweet spot really wants.)

Principle 3: Get Partners

Know who shares your target market. Get partners who are target the same or similar markets and share your networks. Exponentially grow your business. Quit trying to reach your market one person at a time. Leverage your relationships and make them win-win-win.

Principle 4: Get Connected

Know where to show up. Get connected by becoming more visible and credible in the places your target audience and partners are looking for business. Apply this rule to the physical act of networking and anywhere else you need to be seen.

The Power Principles for Busy People are fundamental. The Networking for Busy PeopleTM program incorporates these principles into your planning, sales, and marketing activities and equips you to work SMART rather than hard.

We celebrate with Ellie and European Discovery. Thank you for the opportunity to partner with you and see you grow! More information can be found on European Discovery at

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