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Worksheet Downloads

Portland Area Networking Groups (34 KB)
Local networking groups and their websites all in one list!  Find one, find many that fits your needs and get connecting.

Life Wheel Balance (521 KB)
While most of us strive for a life balance that works for us, it is absolutely necessary to define what that balance will look like on our own. Don't settle for someone else's version of what your life should look like. Take a minute, download our version of the Life Wheel. Think about what your life is today and what would make your life closer to a 10.

Networking Assessment (201 KB)
Refining your network and networking toolkit is on ongoing process. We have assembled this handy assessment to assist you with the key components necessary to make your networking pay off.

Networking Toolkit Checklist (219 KB)
Is your networking toolkit stocked? This networking checklist offers questions and concepts to consider to be sure you get maximum ROI from your networking efforts.

Measure Your Networking ROI (205 KB)
If your Time=Money and your Money=Money than the time and money you invest in networking should have a measurable outcome, shouldn't it?  Make sure you're getting the best return on investment using the simple and effective techniques in this handout.

Power of Target Marketing (201 KB)
Ever feel like you are working to hard and making too little? This short article illustrates the power of aiming for the Bulls Eye when targeting your customers.

Audio Downloads

Tools to Double Your Business (24483 KB)

Listen to Kathie's interview for tools to double your business in one year with

Get More Business in Your Own Backyard - Follow Up That Works

The constant drive to find more qualified prospects can make you overlook the obvious: The people you already know. Tap into the quality contacts you’ve already made and engage your current customers to increase sales and opportunities.  What you will gain:  A process to identify your best follow up touch points; Tips for making it seem natural that you are contacting them; Tactics to make follow up easy.

Memory Made Easy
Forgotten names. Missed appointments. Fumbled presentations. Memory mishaps erode your confidence and your results. Kristin Thompson is a professional speaker and coach best known for successfully coaching professionals to improve recall of names, presentations, and product information, training, and more…even in the most high-pressure business situations. This program that will open your eyes to the real power of your natural memory and all the ways it can help you get noticed!

Fearless Selling: Four Keys to Rev Your Revenues
Do you ever get stressed or worried about how to take your business to the next level? Do you ever feel STUCK in neutral, always busy but still anxious that you’re not doing enough? One of the crucial stumbling blocks to being a successful entrepreneur in this “Age of Anxiety” is getting stuck in DREAD when what you really need is enthusiasm, energy, creativity and delight in the process! Using real-life case studies and research from his new book, Dr Jeffrey Hull will offer his unique, time-tested “Life-Shifting” ™ method for navigating life’s inevitable upheavals, and de-bunk key “myths” that most often hold us stuck.  PDF Handout Also Available

From Ho-Hum to Outrageous! Transformational Business Strategies from the Inside Out
Kathie Nelson is interviewed by Dr. Jeffrey Hull on Transformational Talk Radio

Are Your Hormones Hurting Your Business?
Do you consistently struggle with “low energy” and feel less productive than you need to be? Many women are often surprised to learn that such symptoms are related to their hormonal health. What if you could shift the balance of hormonal energy and give your business what it needs? Kathie Nelson interviews Dr. Alisun Bonville, naturopathic physician, to learn more about how thyroid, adrenal, and female hormone imbalances affect women in business and discover tips on how to balance your hormones yourself. PDF Handout Also Available

The Dark Side of Social Media
Every good thing has a dark side…For example, did you know the average user spends 55 minutes a day on Facebook?  That your kids or vacation photos could be public if your privacy settings aren’t set up correctly?   That your kids could be charged with a felony by posting inappropriate content? Join us for a Connectworks Practical Wisdom Teleseminar with Matt Payne and Sean Harry as they share three things you need to know about being smarter online.


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