Motivational Keynotes &
Compelling Break out Sessions

Kathie has the ability to draw in the audience.  I would highly recommend Kathie as a speaker, coach, and industry expert.  She truly lives what she teaches! V. Norris, Restoring Order, NAPO Past President

Engaging, Unique & Transformational - Kathie provides audiences with cutting edge business strategies that synthesize and supersede past formulas.  She delivers power tools that motivate the listener to action!  From large public venues, executive roundtables to small sales departments, Kathie brings a powerhouse of unparalleled deliverables.

Keynote presentations:

Mindsets to Master Your Entrepreneurial Journey

Pursuing your passion and purpose is a tough road when you hit reality bumps that contradict your vision. You want to project confidence, commitment, and know-how, but your bank account and calendar are screaming something else. Do you hide until you've “proven” your way? Do you pull the covers over your head? No! Learn what sets leaders apart from those who dawdle in the slow lane: perspective, persistence, and tenacity. Discover practices that help you keep your chin up, your eye on the goal, and build a community that cheers you on.

You will learn:
• How to identify your personal success indicators
• Why it’s never too late to make a fresh start
• Keys to overcome inexperience, limited resources, and overwhelm
• How values, vision, and purpose can change your game
• Four “loose ends” that will trip you up every time
• The ONE thing that could change the game for you in the next 30 days

You have an audience craving your sweet spot. It’s time to cut to the chase, get off the emotional roller coaster, and move confidently in the direction of your dreams!

Break the Cycle of Entrepreneurial Overwhelm…. Get Unstuck Faster! 

In business being stuck costs you. You know it. Juggling working on your business, working in your business, and staying ahead in the game in this new economy sets the stage for an ongoing state of overwhelm for any busy leader. This workshop delivers practical insights to minimize the overwhelm that accompanies the pursuit of anything big.

In this intensive workshop you will:

  • Learn the truth about multi-tasking
  • Discover 5 critical questions that provide the answer to “what’s next”
  • Gain best practices that keep you moving and motivated
  • Leave with an actionable plan to jumpstart stalled projects, control your calendar and more! 

You can’t afford to miss this presentation with a serial entrepreneur who’s been there, done it, and coached thousands in the process.   

Turn Your Passion into Profit - Map your own Six-Figure Blueprint
The Art & Science of a 6 Figure Business

Are you doing what you love?  Is your business model scale-able, profitable, and sustainable? Do you spend the bulk of your time doing meaningful work?  If you don't know by now, I am here to tell you all business growth is NOT created equal.

The game has changed. Growth is so much more than simply increasing sales. Your ability to connect, access, shift, and course correct is critical to capture and create new opportunities moving you beyond struggle and busyness to simplicity and profit.  

If you are ready to re-assess how to build and lead a business that doesn't burn you out, plan to join the conversation.   

What you will learn:

  • Get Monetized Now™ Business Model Assessment – Quick and easy template to strengthen what’s working , tweak what’s not, and develop a leveraged team.
  • Margin Accelerators – Recapture time and profit margins with simple tactics to evaluate, monitor, and streamline your highest payoff activities.  
  • Keys to assess what’s important now so you can find your focus and proper timing.   

There is no time like the present to engage with the data in ways that inform and empower you to lead with strength and certainty.   There is a market who craves your solutions.  It’s time to connect with those who love what you do and are happy to pay. 

Kathie's Popular Workshops or Intensives:

Perfect Profiling:  Keys to identify clients who love what you do and are willing to pay

If you have a solution that impacts the bottom line, increases performance, or improves lifestyle, then there are customers waiting to buy! The key is understanding the prospect’s journey, motivators and your competition. It’s easier than you think!  

This intensive workshop will teach you how to:

  • Learn the tell-tale signs when a prospect is not the right fit for you
  • Gain keys to build rapport and trust more quickly
  • Discover key indicators that activate the “pick me” response in the right prospects
  • Uncover strategic partnerships that expand your capacity & reach
  • Incorporate questions so your perfect customers lead you to even more perfect customers! 

Instant Credibility: Query Based Marketing 
(What you ask is more important than what you say.)

Does it feel as though people don’t really “get” you or understand the value of your services? Should you keep refining your value proposition until you get it just right? No! Learn a powerful technique that leaders have used for centuries: ask the right questions. Intelligently directed conversations create mutual benefit. Use this technique to leverage who you are in service of others and get an instant boost to your credibility. You will never be at a loss for words again.

You will learn:
• The 5 essential elements of high impact conversations
• How to recover when you’ve found you are talking too much
• The 3 common credibility busters that erode your opportunities
• Key language and phrases that can help you ask the right questions no matter your
Get ready to uplevel your leadership and business development exponentially. Invest the time to find new ways to communicate who you are and what you do through the questions.

Magnetic Messaging: Keys to craft conversation clinchers when the product is YOU!

Talking about yourself is never easy.  Selling yourself can be even more crippling. You know the drill. You stumble, fumble, and cross your fingers, ultimately working harder than you should with your self-esteem taking the blow.  The art and science of creating a dialogue and core messaging that aligns with who you are, gets to the juice of your deliverable, and nails the sweet spot your customer is craving is easier than you think. \

This intensive workshop will teach you how to:

  • Learn why enthusiasm sells and how you can tap that resource in the blink of an eye
  • Incorporate tactics that create 3rd party validation for your expertise and value proposition
  • Develop a power word bank that create killer questions, dynamic conversations, and confident dialogue
  • Best practices to break the “selling is telling” habit once and for all

Networking for Busy People™:
Connect to the Right People & Place on Purpose to Profit Big 

You need more sales.  You want to grow your company.  You network.  You "sell".  But...it's hard.  It takes a LOT of time.  I say AMEN to that!

I'm Kathie Nelson, founder of Get Monetized Now.  I am a speaker, author and Executive Coach. I doubled my sales in one year using my network.   But guess what!  I didn't follow the rules to do so.  I'd been networking for years to build my list, generate leads, and gain strategic alliances.  Yes, I gained sales but it was only slightly easier than cold calling and it took a LOT of time and energy.  The year I decided to double my sales I realized I could not do so using the models I'd been taught.

I REALLY wanted to achieve this goal of doubling my sales that year.  So, I  decided to test all premises the networking "guru's" prescribed.  Less than a year later I'd hit the mark and what I learned changed the way I view business forever.  I will never work that hard again at growing my company or making money.

You don't have to either!

I've been teaching others this powerful model for since 2002 in the Pacific Northwest.  I've worked with 1,000's of solopreneurs, professional service providers, and sales representatives.  My team has challenged me to release this training virtually so it is no longer the best kept secret.

Are you ready to shortcut your own business development process saving you time, money, and energy?

Secret Sauce Science: Differentiate, Develop & Outdistance Your Competition
Becoming You-ier: Multiplier to Increase Impact, Influence, and Community

Are ready to attract some big fish and increase your money flow? Don't let this opportunity slip past.  

• Put your finger on the unique brilliance that your customers crave 
• Discover how being more YOU increases your "know, like, trust" factor 
• Match your strengths to overlooked opportunities 

What you learn in this event will serve you for the rest of your life.  Connect the essential ingredients that make up your secret sauce to the outcomes and solutions you deliver for your customers and distance yourself from the competition.  

I hope you're motivated to embrace your future. Your prospects--and your brilliance--are waiting. 

Your compensation and profitability is directly related to the ability of your company to consistently deliver an outcome, create an experience or implement a process.  Anything that compromises this costs you in time, resources, profit and brand reputation.  

Sell Your Sweet Spot: How to Price, Package & Position When the Product is YOU! 

Learn the tools and build the framework that let you speak authentically about your offering and confidently ask for your fee. The training combines pricing models and insights from multiple industries to take the mystery out of pricing, packaging and positioning.

Training highlights:

  • Discover where your sweet spot intersects what your customers want to buy
  • Use a 360° view to determine your true economic value
  • Determine your price for both profit and market entry
  • Position yourself through packaging and pricing to make your competition irrelevant
  • Quit giving away your time for free!
  • Learn how to position yourself so clients say Yes! Yes! Yes!

Nail the Close: How to qualify, capitalize and massively increase conversion

Getting people to raise their hand to opt-in is easy.  Moving your prospects through your funnel is problematic when the product is you.  The science of closing the gap and converting higher ticket sales is simpler than you think.

  • Leave this breakout session with tools to
  • Gain "Instant credibility" with POWER words
  • Jumpstart stale prospects and strategic alliances
  • Increase the urgency to buy (without manipulating)
  • Convey the “Secret Sauce” your prospects can’t live without
  • Convert maybe's to YES!
  • Create your own sales GPS

Capture the audience that desperately needs to hear what you have to say!  Don’t miss this opportunity to fine tune your sales game to increase your impact, influence and opportunity. 

 To check Kathie's speaking availability call 503.641.4354 PST or email her directly at Kathie@KathieNelson.com