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Money vs time scales

The Ultimate Business Strategy is to Leverage YOU!


People buy from those they know, like, and trust.
Meaning People buy YOU!

Join our resource community dedicated to equipping you in 2012 and beyond to

  • leverage your strengths, 
  • monetize your time & talents, and 
  • systematize what needs to be automated or delegated so you can get about the  business of doing what you do best!
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Audio Archives here...

Paulette Ensign,
"Reinvent Yourself -  Simple Low-Cost-Yet-High-Impact Tips
Nancy Juetten Broadcast Your Brilliance
Bio WOW! Now 
Watch Nancy's Bio WOW! Now Video
Expert Finisher, Eric Johnson
Finish your Project! How to flip the switch and move from procrastination to productivity.
 Monetize Me Expert-Eric Johnson 2-16-12
Brandie Kajino, SoHo Solutionist
Top Tech Tools
MM Expert Series Call -
Brandie Kajino 2-23-12
Kathie Nelson, Connectworks
Deal Breakers or Game Changers to Self Monetization  
MM Expert Interview Kathie Nelson 3-1-12
Kristin Thompson,
5 Secrets that Rock Your Talk 
 MM Expert Call - Kristin Thompson 3-8-12

Dave Blanchard, Cognesis Marketing
How to Get More Customers Now: Your Questions Answered

Expert Call Dave Blanchard
Tami Smith, Targeted Search Strategies
Relevancy vs. Relationship: Google+ & Social Media 
 MM - Expert Call
Tami Smith 4-5-12