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The Ultimate Business Strategy is to Leverage YOU!

Money vs time scales


People buy from those they know, like, and trust.

Meaning People buy YOU!


Monetize Me

Join our resource community dedicated to equipping you in 2012 and beyond to

  • leverage your strengths, 
  • monetize your time & talents, and 
  • systematize what needs to be automated or delegated so you can get about the  business of doing what you do best!

We are launching a success series focused on talking about ...

  • Getting known
  • Building credibility
  • Getting published
  • Creating new products
  • Attracting new clients
  • Getting things done/Project Management
  • Outsourcing & delegating
  • Automating systems
  • Building business online
  • Selling products on your websites 
  • Managing your social media so it doesn't consume you
  • Finding sustainable marketing strategies and tactics that are magnetic for YOUR clients
  • Increasing your energy
  • Getting off the cash flow roller coaster
  • Having  a life while you grow your company
  • Hanging out with successful people (and learning their secrets)
  • Living your purpose
  • and more!  

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Thurs. April 5, 6pm

Relevancy vs. Relationship with expert,  Tami Smith, Google and SEO expert 

The question "Is social media a black hole of time waste or a truly relevant way to do business?" is still in debate. The answer, "How you "do" social media as an organically grown entrepreneur has a significant impact on the relationships you build online as well as your bottom line."

Join us to learn the answer the following questions:

  • -Do I need Google Plus for my business? Why?
  • -How do I make a Business Page? 
  • -How is it different from personal page?
  • -How to make a profile.
  • -What's with circles?
  • -How to comment and tag.
  • -How to optimize for Social Search.
  • -What if you are a little this big pond?


  • -Should I participate and why? 
  • -Is this really good for business or just a distraction? 

I was doing a Google search on the word "Success" and guess who's name came up on page 1?  Tami Smith! She'd posted a comment on her Google+ page about her definition of success and it moved her up to prime real estate in search. This will be the call to attend!     

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 Thursday, January 26th, 6pm Pacific  

Reinvent Yourself -  Simple Low-Cost-Yet-High-Impact Tips

Whether you’re professionally bored, frustrated, or overwhelmed, or your market has gone away or changed, reinventing is part of being alive and being in business. The reinvention can be dramatic or subtle. It can happen all at once or a little at a time. You can instantly discover solutions or the process can take awhile.

Join me as I interview Paulette Ensign of Paulette has had three consecutive major careers (so far!) and reinvented herself and her business within each of them. In some cases she wanted a challenge to maintain and expand her interest level. Other times it was to maintain and expand her income level!

Here’s some of what we’ll cover:

  • Learn telltale signs it’s time for you to reinvent
  • Recognize the messages your market actually tells you
  • 3 no-cost/low-cost ways to test formats and pricing
  • Take away one game changer this expert learned the hard way!

You’ll hear how Paulette leveraged her knowledge in one business to create a whole new company. And in that new business, she'll share specific ways she test-marketed to find the right formats and prices at little to no cost to her, all with very high impact. These sound practices are sure to inspire and motivate you to reinvent yourself now, no matter how long you've been in business or what you want your business to become.

Thurs. Feb 2, 6pm (Video)

Nancy Juetten Spills the Beans About How She Monetized Her Expertise So You Can, Too.

  • How using your bio can make a big impact on how much money you earn, the visibility you enjoy, and the quality and quantity of opportunities on your calendar
  • Gain control over your economic destiny, grow your expert status, attract clients & more
  • Lessons learned that speak the truth about how I transformed my business from a fee-for-service to an internet based company
  • Gain at least five actionable ideas you can put into practice

Thurs. Feb 16, 6pm

Unfinished projects don't many you any money! The keys to sustainability and profitability are getting things done. Expert Finisher, Eric Johnson reveals how to flip the switch and move from procrastination to productivity.

  • Learn to spot the saboteurs that sidetrack even your best intentions
  • Discover the project management tactics of high performers
  • Gain insights that will help you know what to take off your list and how to prioritize for profit
  • Take away one game changer this expert learned the hard way!

Thurs. Feb 23, 6pm

Technology can be a big black hole or a life saver!  I'd like to introduce you to Brandie Kajino, SOHO Solutionist to sharpen their “techie” skills & knowledge. What are the tech tools entrepreneurs can’t live without? Come find out!

If you want to feel:
– Empowered by the new technology rather than confused & feeling like pulling your hair out
- Smart & savvy about your choices
- Focused the important parts of business, with tools to help make it easier

On this call you will learn
- How to use technology to simplify little tasks
- How to manage sticky notes so you can find crucial information
- 10 essential tools you might not be able to live without

Plus the one  game changer Brandie feels makes all the difference.   Click here to visit SOHO Solutionist.

Thurs. Mar 1, 6pm

Wonder why pursuing your dream is so hard sometimes? Is making money doing what you love more challenging than you hoped?   This expert call led by Kathie Nelson, Connectworks founder, Business & Life Strategist, and your resident cheerleader is going to reveal the deal breakers & game changers that will derail or accelerate purpose driven entrepreneurs.  

On this call you will discover:

  • 3 keys to finding the flow
  • 3 compromises that cost you time, money, and more
  • Techniques for staying focused during times of contradiction
  • One game changer this expert learned the hard way! 

Thus. Mar 8, 6pm

Kristin Thompson, Founder Speak, Serve, Grow  Rock Your Talk & Profit: The Secret to turning your mission and message into cash flow, clients, and visibility for your business! 


The audience is leaning in, hanging on your every word
You know how to turn a room full of strangers into raving fans
You leave your talks with a rush of new clients, cash, & visibility
You've got a multi-platform approach that means you can profit even if you never set foot on a stage!
In this interactive, and content-packed session you’ll discover: 
  • The secret to dropping your notes and commanding any room!
  • Top 3 mistakes that can cause you to lose your audience and the sale
  • The number one reason people leave their talks empty-handed
  • Four ways to profit from every single speaking engagement (big or small) 

Thurs. March 22, 6pm

7 Pillars of Self Monetization: Turning the business of YOU! into a high performance machine

Any high performance machine needs fine tuning.  The structure of the automobile engine with the introduction of fuel and a spark creates velocity.  If you've been wishing you could get all your ducks in a row and your pistons firing on all cylinders so the business of YOU! could have sustained forward momentum, then you won't want to miss this session "7 Pillars of Self Monetization".  

Thurs. Mar 29, 6pm

How to Get More Customers Now: Your Questions Answered

Are you wasting 80% of your marketing dollars?  The sad truth is that 90% of small business owners are wasting 80% of the time and money they invest in marketing.  If you've ever put out a marketing campaign that had little to no results than this is for you.  Dave Blanchard, Cognesis Marketing will share how to monetize your marketing every time. 

 During this expert interview you will learn

  • How to get more prospects to buy
  • How to get your existing customers to buy more
  • 5 things you do to sabotage your own marketing efforts
  • one game changer that this expert learned the hard way

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