27 Minute Laser Coaching


Connectworks Complimentary
27 Minute Laser Coaching Session

(Valued at $250)

Can we really help you in 27 minutes?  Yes, we can!

27 Minute Laser Session

When you complete the form to reserve your space you will recieve by return email a  Focus Form to help us make best use of our time.

Consider a session with one of the members of our team if you are frustrated, stalled, or challenged in any of the following areas:

  • Need to make more money
  • Calendar control
  • Close more sales
  • Looking for more prospects
  • Networking
  • Brainstorming opportunities
  • Finding a message that activates the "pick me" syndrome
  • Getting un-stuck

We are fiercely committed to help you get in your peak performance zone...and stay in it!  Let's talk.

Follow this link to complete your request for your own 27 Minute Laser Strategy Session.