You are a special breed of individual.

 You are a leader in  your field...a visionary...
a big picture thinker.
You make things happen.

You work hard but at some point, you hit the wall.
  You run out of time to get everything done.  Your relationships are beginning to show wear and tear.  You realize things can't continue on this path for much longer.

You need both short and long term solutions.  We can help!

We bring you tools and strategies to help you stay ahead of the curve in business strategy, positioning, market penetration, and sales productivity.  We help you fight "Entrepreneurial ADD" - spending too much time moving from task to task or idea to idea instead of focused time reaching your goals.

We recognize that as a leader you need action so we customize our services to best fit your needs.  Our key objective is to get you moving forward as quickly as possible in ways that bring both short and long term benefits.

Choose from one of our coaching packages or use us a la carte with a service that is geared to get YOU results.

Mentoring/Consulting  Working Business Blueprint

  • Current State Assessment
  • Business & Personal Vision Definition
  • Strengths Based Leadership/Roles & Responsibilities (Organizational Structure)
  • Packaging, Pricing & Positioning
  • Strengths Assessment for Personal Branding
  • Revenue Goals & Projections
  • SMART Marketing Plan
  • Social Networking Strategy
  • Strategic Sales Plan

(Group or individual)

  • Strategic Packaging & Pricing Blueprint
  • SMART Marketing
  • Social Networking Strategy
  • Strategic Sales Plan
  • Calendar Control – Strengths Based Leadership
  • Professional Networking Blueprint

Virtual Coaching Programs

  • DIY Packaging & Pricing
  • DIY SMART Marketing
  • DIY Social Networking Strategy
  • DIY Strategic Sales Plan
  • DIY Professional Networking


  • Strategic Planning for Busy Entrepreneurs – ReTool, Reposition, RePurpose for profit, impact, and balance
  • Networking for Busy People – Create Connections that Leverage Time & Impact
  • Follow up for Busy People – Design Systems that Work for You
  • Entrepreneurial Selling – Balance Rainmaking with Management
  • Social Networking for Busy People - Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Non-Profit

We love working with highly motivated entrepreneurs, solo-preneurs, independent service professionals, and intra-preneurs (leaders within organizations) ...does this sound like you?

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Rob Arps

One Phone Call Worth $20,000!

“As a fine artist, we don’t have a huge number of clients so it’s really important to keep people happy and coming back to us. There have been several occasions where Kathie has provided advice and problem solving skills. In one case it was a simple matter of communicating with a client and deciding how to take care of an expense. As it turned out, with Kathie’s insights I was able to keep my client happy and increase my profit by $20,000. They came back, bought more from me, and I realized I didn’t have to give away the farm!”
Rob Arps, Additive Workshop

Business Profits and Procedures Transformed

“Kathie helped me create a strategy to find the best clients for me. Not only are they well paying clients, but they are the kind of clients that I want to work with for years to come. This not only increased my revenue, but my clients are happier. With Kathie’s help I was able to put procedures and policies in place that bring consistency and quality control to my business. Her leadership style has helped my leadership style become better for my company.”

“I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t worked with Kathie. I believe in what she does for businesses. She teaches you valuable skills that you can put in place now. Rather than just giving you a list of goals to accomplish, she helps you go through it step by step. I never felt lost when I was working with her.”  Mary Bernhard, KIS Accounting