Sean Harry

Dr. Sean Harry
Personal Branding & Business Strategist

One thing makes each and every one of us uniquely special. Dr. Sean Harry believes finding and developing that one thing is the key to flourishing businesses, careers and networks. Sean has spent more than 20 years helping people discover and hone their “personal brand” so they can connect with their perfect clients and choose perfect careers. He inspires, motivates and trains people as a professional speaker throughout the West Coast and daily in his business, Career Management Solutions.

Combining wisdom and humor, Sean teaches people how to honestly assess their strengths and weaknesses, their true passion and the one thing that sets them apart in life and in business.

Sean’s talk & workshop topics include:

“What Makes You So Special?” – Finding the one thing that makes you flourish in your career, business and networking. Create strategies for life, relationships and business that are aligned with what’s most important to you socially, spiritually, emotionally and psychologically.

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“Leveraging the Trust Equation” – Learn the equation that measures how well people trust you. How do you measure up? Improve your trust quotient to build genuine and lasting relationships.

“Facebook for Fogies” – The effective use of social media to promote your unique selling proposition. Choose the best tools for you, remove apprehension and network without wasting time. (Tools discussed include blogging, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social networks.)

Praise for Dr. Sean Harry

“Sean is a fantastic public speaker. He is a vivacious man with many accomplishments—from writing a book to establishing new enterprises. No matter what the topic, Sean has a presence enjoyed by everyone. He engages others to consider the profound difference they can have with life goals.”  --Sonja Onthank, Sales, Premier Agendas

“Sean is charismatic, charming and well received by all. Sean's creativity and positive attitude flow through to the audience. He's genuine and compassionate.” --Becky Tengwall, COO, I Take The Lead, Inc.

“His (Power Networking Seminar) was well-organized and clear, but more importantly, contained information that can be immediately applied to my networking activities ... I strongly endorse this seminar to anyone who wants to bring more "zing" to their networking activities, and wants to see and measure their results.” --Janine Bilyeau, Account Executive, Progress Press

"Sean, I particularly appreciated your willingness to talk with my colleagues and I prior to the event and clarify our expectations. My biggest concern was that your comments might be too generic for this particular audience, but you addressed their needs and their questions perfectly. Thanks." --Cheryl Nee-Gieringer, Sr. Project Manager at Work Systems, Inc.

“Sean brought a welcome energy to the crowd. He took extra care to weave important key messages into the presentation and complement them with his own metaphors that resonated well with the audience.” --Shelley Parker, SW Washington Workforce Development Council

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Phone: 971-227-1532