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One of the things we are recognized for is delivering value that exceeds expectations. Kathie and her team are absolute fanatics about finding business growth strategies that create more opportunity, sustainability, fulfillment, and prosperity. We love working with clients who share this philosophy. We find business a lot more fun when everybody wins. Want to have some fun?

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Kathie Nelson LLC is an Oregon based firm serving growth oriented companies with executive consulting and strategic business development plans since 2002.

Kathie Nelson, Founder and CEO of Kathie Nelson LLC leads and collaborates Kathie Nelson Headshot 3-2014 Huffordwith teams in the family of brands under the names Team People Builders, Tenacious Marketplace, Tenacious Pursuit and Get Monetized Now.

Kathie Nelson, a serial entrepreneur, and born powerhouse in business growth, is a four time author, highly sought after speaker, top tier business strategist, and coach.  Her Networking for BusyPeople™ and Focus Formula for Busy People™ curriculums continue to help motivated entrepreneurs get more of what they want.  More profit, connections to the right people and leverage time.
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